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Fuji Disposable Instamatic Camera Lamp

Fuji Disposable Instamatic Camera Lamp

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Fuji Disposable Instamatic Camera Lamp

Lamp Cowboy is saving disposable cameras from the trash by turning them into lamps!

These Fuji Disposable lamps are sure to light up any film lover's life! They are a hot seller locally at my showrooms in Dallas - each one may have slight variations to the image  differing levels of handling wear, but generally will look the same - if there's any serious blemishes on the camera I wouldn't use it for a lamp anyways! Just want to make it clear that this design is made often :)

Includes Chrome tipped candelabra bulb and features an in-line switch.

FREE SHIPPING within the continental US (IF in any US TERRITORY, Island, Alaska, Hawaii, etc. - please contact before purchase as additional cost may apply).

NOTE: these lamps are made with upcycled objects and WILL have wear on them such as scratches, discolorations, dings, etc. DO NOT PURCHASE IF YOU ARE EXPECTING PERFECT SURFACES, the PERFECTION is in the idea ! Thank you!

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